A (short) history of Paragliding

Do you wonder how and who invented Paragliding? I have :-) Here is a short summary of how Paragliding came about, with...

Watch a white-tail eagle fly – could paragliding be the closest?

Alas, this one is for UK based people only (or people using a VPN to go around the BBC geo-fencing..)

Windy.com adds Sounding forecast

Windy.com, one of my favourite weather forecast resources just got even better with the addition of sounding forecast for both the web and apps...

APCO introduces their new “Hybrid” paraglider

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBwjmsKegxA&feature=youtu.be This is an interesting one. This hybrid paraglider, developed over the course of 2 years of R&D combines a classic double surface profile with a...

How vultures use each other as guides through the turbulent skies

This article totally blew my mind. Vultures track each other through the sky to map what the airflow does and fly accordingly!

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier – Weightless

This is an oldie but a goodie. Inspiring paragliding video, if there is one.. But please, don't try this at home! JB Chandelier is an...

Advance Iota2 review in SkyWings magazine

The October 2018 edition of Skywings has a full review of the Advance Iota2 EN-B wing. David Southern's opinion is that while this wing is...

New world Infinity tumbling record set by Veso Ovcharov

Watch the video of Veso Ovcharov breaking the world record with 613 turns: After several unsuccessful attempts over the past few years Veso Ovcharov (Bulgaria)...

BBC Documentary series: Life in the Air

The BBC is currently is currently showing a Documentary series exploring the remarkable animals from around the world that take to the air. It includes...

FLYING FISH portait de Honorin Hamard

Watch the Trailer of Flying fish on Vimeo drawing the portrait of Honorin Hamard, paragliding pilot and Apneiste diver. https://player.vimeo.com/video/287864529 FLYING FISH portait de Honorin Hamard...