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We created ParaWaiting.eu to offer a central repository for both inexperienced and seasoned pilots to easily find resources to learn, perfect their flying technique and progress further.

The Learning zone groups such articles, written up by our team as well as contributed by the community across various categories: Beginning offering tips for starting your Paragliding journey, the stages of flights On the Ground and Soaring & Thermalling and finally, other categories such as Fly theory and Weather & Forecast.

We are always keen to take new learning zone articles and welcome new regular contributors! Interested? Shoot us an email and we will make it happen!

How to get and stay high in light lift

Another great video from the crew at FlyBubble showing how to master two super importanting skills: How to feel when is the good time to launch to get the thermalHow to track weak broken thermals and stay up

A (short) history of Paragliding

Do you wonder how and who invented Paragliding? I have 🙂 Here is a short summary of how Paragliding came about, with...

BBC Documentary series: Life in the Air

The BBC is currently is currently showing a Documentary series exploring the remarkable animals from around the world that take to the air. It includes...

Controlling your paraglider before inflation

This long video provides a number of tips for controlling your paragliding wing on the ground prior to inflating it and ground-handling. How do you...
groundhandling challenge

Grounhandling challenge

Take the challenge! This website compiled by Andre Bandarra has over 30 exercises to learn to control your wing, sorted by difficultly with video examples. The...

How to assess a new site before flying it

A great video by FlyBubble to understand how to assess a new site before flying it. Work out where to take off...