Today, I am taking the wraps off, a collection of articles documenting my paragliding journey and collecting the learning guides, tips and tricks I found useful to progress.
Flying at Devil's dyke
Flying my Niviuk Koyot 3 at Devil’s Dyke in September 2018

I am a young paragliding club pilot having passed my Club Pilot rating in November 2017 under the UK syllabus from the BHPA. I learnt at two different schools: FlySussex for EP in the summer 2017 and FlySpain for CP in November 2017.

Like all pilots, coming out of the school environment was a bit of a shock. I remember vividly standing on Mount Caburn in the UK on my first paragliding outing after school with my spanking new wing, contemplating that first take-off. Nerve wracking! It went well and since then I have flown over 25 hours – they have gone a long way to help me feel a little more confident but equally well aware of all the things I don’t know!

Learning to paraglide is a little like learning to drive a car: it is only when you have your permit that you really start learning. There are so many layers to Paragliding. Pilots need to master the different flying phases: taking off and landing in various wind strengths, soaring and thermalling to stay up, planning their flight. They also have to understand the weather and forecasting, master how terrain affects airflow. Finally, there is everything related to gear: harnesses, wings, electronics and accessories. And some more I am probably not yet at the stage to even contemplate!

They also need to know how to keep themselves and their fellow pilots safe. Our passion is an ‘extreme’ sport and we need to treat it with respect and caution.

There is a lot of content out there, from videos to articles, tutorials, web resources, etc.. I have also met lots of experienced pilots keen to share what they have learnt. The issue is that it is all over the place and rarely cater for the very beginners.

Hence The idea is to collect here all the tips and tricks, articles and videos  that have helped me to learn and progress. The Learning Zone is where you will find them all. In addition, a news section provides general paragliding news of interest.

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Are you willing to help? do you have interesting content you want to contribute? Would you like to share tips or resources you have found useful to learn to fly? Full credit will be given to willing contributors! Contact us by email and we will make it happen!