This long video provides a number of tips for controlling your paragliding wing on the ground prior to inflating it and ground-handling.

How do you keep your paraglider under control when it is laid out into wind in strong conditions? How do you “turn over” your paraglider if has been spun? This 6 tips explained in a video by Peter Holdy show how to do this and more! (click the timestamp to go directly to the relevant portion of the video):

0:48 Tip #1: How to hold your glider on the ground in strong wind

Wrapping the brakes around your hands is highly slow and inefficient. The solution demonstrated here is to keep your brakes in your hands as normal and grab you C risers to keep the wing pinned to the ground.

3:58 Tip #2: How to de-power the wing using your B risers

If your wing is inflating and you need to quickly control it, kill its power by grabbing and holding the B risers as shown here!

6:45 Tip #3: How to “turn” your wing back when it is upside down

If your wing is upside down, turn it around by:

  • Moving towards it to de-power it,
  • Turn your body 360┬░ to detangle the lines,
  • Choose the side you want to turn your wing then use the C risers and the A risers from that side to walk your wing on itself,
  • C risers inflates the wing
  • A risers while walking turns it on itself

14:27 Tip #4: Using correctly A risers to inflate the wing

Don’t pull on the A risers! It will only kill the wing by preventing the leading edge to inflate properly. Instead, use your bodyweight to bring the wing up while bringing your hands / A risers up to guide the wing above your head!

17:18 Tip #5: Building & controlling your wall when it is windy

In high winds, use your A and C lines to build the wall and keep it under control. Tricky, be careful!!

20:14 Tip #6: Using a single brake to kill the wing when it is out of control

This one is VERY useful. What do you do when your wing (or someone else’s) is out of control? Pick a single brake line and keep pulling it towards you until you hold the glider tip by the fabric.

Warning: if you grab a brake line (and not the handle) without gloves, you will end up with a bad burn!