Top weather forecast resources


Understanding the weather forecast is an essential part of any Wind related sports when it comes to planning. There is nothing like standing on the top of the hill and feeling the wind, seeing the directions and appraising sun and clouds but, unless you live on the hill, you will need to look at some forecast to understand whether it will likelt be flyable.

At the very least, you will want to make sure rain is not forecast, the wind is on the hill and with the right strength. Here is a selection of resources to be as detailed or as top level as you may want…

If you want to be thorough, start by looking at Met office surface Pressure radar chart to understand where the isobars (line of equal pressure) are. The closer the isobars, the windier it will be. Or look at the equivalent graph for your country.
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This has to be one of my favourite. On the opening screen, you can see the wind direction and strength by way of moving arrows – very slick and dynamic. What’s more, many filters are available to change the view to cloud cover, temperatures or even show knows Paragliding spots? You can also search a given location and see a detailed forecast including wind strength, temperature, airgram, etc.. Excellent to get an idea of what the weather is doing everywhere throughout the next few days..
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XCWeather has served me well all over Europe to have a quick overview of what the weather forecast looks like throughout the day on an hourly basis. Forecast maps are refreshed every 30 minutes while the intraday detail view, every four hours.
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French app Meteo Parapente offers a lot in a simple yet intuitive interface. The home screen presents map with a colour overlay for various parameters that can be selected and afe categorised under wind, updraft, humidity and temperature. The charts offer a lot of details in a very easy to read layout. The Airgram shows the wind speed and direction at various altitudes on an hourly basis, also showing through altitude of cloudbase while the Sounding screen offers a very simple to understand RASP view.
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If you live in the UK, the weather tool provided by Flybubble provides all the information you want regarding UK paragliding spots on a single view. It covers weather but also shows what wind direction each site takes and weather it will be into wind the next day. You can also see airspace restrictions, NOTAMS and thermal velocity -nifty!

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I don’t have as much experience of Windguru as the previous ones, especially since it is geared towards sailing and therefore limited to coastal sites. If you are going to be soaring on the cost though, you won’t find a better site to get all the weather information you need!
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Do you know of any other resources we should add here. If yes, shoot us an email!