, one of my favourite weather forecast resources just got even better with the addition of sounding forecast for both the web and apps versions!

The newly added sounding forecast on app.

In the official announcement post on support forum, Ivo, the company founder explains:

Air sounding, sounding forecast or skew diagram is here (there is plenty of names for it). So far we support only ecmwf but other models will be supported too. Just click with right mouse button on a map and use link in context menu (long tap on mobile will do).

So, go and check it out right now! And you haven’t yet used yet, go and check it out now:

Get on Web / Android / iOS



UPDATE – Adding an interpretation of what the different lines mean:

  • Line 1 is DALR, Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate
  • Line 2 is the Dew point
  • Line 3 is SALR, Saturated Adiabatic Lapse Rate

So line 1 is thermal rising. When it meets line2. The air saturates, that’s the altitude of  cloud base. It then follows line 3 SALR.